Some commonly asked questions and answers.

When was Frontier Promotions founded? June 30th, 2014

What does it take to work with Frontier Promotions? We pride ourselves with working in a team oriented environment. We look for people who are energetic, driven, and open to utilizing new ideas and opportunities. We are very determined to set goals and work hard towards them using the tools at hand to let us progress towards our ultimate result. An ideal candidate works within a team to achieve both their individual and company’s goals.

Does our structure allow advancement? At Frontier Promotions, we promote exclusively within, not based upon seniority or favoritism. Our entire management team started at an entry-level position and was promoted exclusively based upon their individual performance.

How do we gain our customers? Our customers are gained through an in-person consultation. Our mission is to build a rapport and personal connection with the customer while shedding light on the services they’ve inquired about.

What is the difference between Direct vs Indirect Marketing? We are a direct marketing firm that specializes in face to face consultation. Indirect marketing‘s intent is for brand recognition which does not cause an urgency for the product or services at hand. Whereas, direct marketing puts a face to the name of the Fortune 100 clients and large charitable organizations that we work with and creates a need to take action.

You want to be part of the management team, and how long would it take? We are looking for individuals that are entrepreneurial, driven, and possess a level of communication that can reach an attentive audience. Our training program allows for our future managers to reach their goals within 6 to 12 months based upon the merit of the individual.

Is Frontier Promotions looking to expand? Absolutely! While working with our clients, we have exceeded all expectations set which leads them to ask for more of our business constantly. Our goals are to expand throughout Metro Detroit, the Midwest, nationally, and internationally.