Get to know Frontier Promotions.

Our Culture: Frontier Promotions is an up and coming marketing firm that has made their mark in Metro Detroit since in 2014. We focus on positivity and taking an energetic approach in motivating our team members on a daily basis. We empower staff to take a hands-on approach in their professional responsibilities as well as improve the moral of the entire crew. We have a very “work hard play hard” style of doing business and feel it is just as important to have happy environment as it is to have a productive environment.

Core Competencies: We specialize in marketing, and our clients do not. This allows the companies and nonprofits we represent to focus on the services that they specialize in.

Speed To Market: There is a massive cost associated with opening and training a new sales office in any market. Our ability to outsource these services at a fraction of the cost not only reduces clients’ bottom line, but increases their sales as well.

Risk Management: For a company to pilot a new market, there are a lot of risks associated with expansion. Every market has different competition levels, government rules and regulations, as well as demographic differences. Frontier Promotions has an extensive knowledge of the Metro Detroit region which allows us to effectively overcome these challenges faced by our clients.

Cost of Customer Acquisition: Our proven business model has consistently reduced the cost of gaining a new customer for our clients. While reducing the cost for each account we gain is beneficial, we can also provide many more superior services on their behalf.